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Christopher Russo, a seasoned lawyer with 32 years of experience, will be joining us to share his insights on this aspect of client preparation and role play. Roleplaying is a versatile technique that can be employed to prepare for challenging scenarios, including cross-examinations and depositions. As trial lawyers, it is an effective tool that can improve our preparedness to handle complex legal situations. 

Today’s discussion will focus on roleplay’s application in getting clients ready for testimony, whether it is for a deposition or trial. 

Christopher Russo

During our session, we will delve into the common stumbling blocks that can arise during a deposition and explore techniques to avoid them. We will also discuss how gauging the personalities of our clients can aid in choosing the most effective roleplaying techniques. 

Our conversation centers on the value of roleplaying with clients, the importance of taking breaks during the process, and the benefits of roleplaying the deposition. By examining these topics, we hope to establish a more comprehensive understanding of how roleplaying can be utilized to enhance client confidence and performance in the courtroom.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • The common stumbling blocks in the deposition
  • Gauging the personalities of your patients
  • The value of roleplaying with a client
  • Roleplaying the deposition
  • The importance of taking breaks

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Supporting Resources:

If you have a question or a case in Rhode Island, please reach out to Christopher [email protected] 

Christopher L. Russo | Managing Partner

Kirshenbaum & Kirshenbaum

Attorneys at Law, Inc.

117 Metro Center Blvd. Suite 1003

Warwick, RI 02886

Office: 401.946.3200 |  Fax: 401.943.8097

Christopher concentrates his practice in representing personal injury plaintiffs. He handles all matters assisting people injured in car collisions, slip and fall, bicycle and motorcycle accidents. He has handled many cases involving tractor trailer collisions. These cases require an attorney with knowledge of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations and an intimate understanding of the dangers these vehicles pose to the unsuspecting victims.

Christopher also handles a variety of criminal defense matters. He has handles District Court misdemeanor offenses, Superior Court felony matters as well as Federal District Court matters.

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