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Helping lawyers better prepare for trial using uncommonly effective strategies and tactics.

As a veteran trial lawyer, I know that preparing for trial is an ongoing process that starts as soon as you take on the case. But obviously, a lot of the important preparation happens in the weeks right before the trial is scheduled to start.

Collaborating with an outside perspective can assist with locating case weaknesses and blind spots.

Bringing a fresh set of eyes to view the case from a visual standpoint, how to better teach the jury about your case.

Focusing efforts on developing and polishing trial skills that easily translate into other areas of the practice of law and business.

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"We have all watched the Defense attempt to avoid accountability by blaming our clients. Why not empower them to set the record straight with the truth? That is what Elizabeth did for our clients and it made all the difference."

~ Justin, Missoula MT

I help lawyers prepare their cases to be powerful, and give them the tools they need to walk into trial with confidence, even if the courtroom goes virtual.

That’s why I offer these services exclusively for trial lawyers:

Witness Prep

One-on-one work with your witnesses that helps them tell their story, getting them to where you need them to be in time for deposition and trial.

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Trial consulting

Strategy and organizational planning that gives you more time to put your case together and prepare for court.

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Focus groups

Focus group sessions that help you know how your case is going – with unbiased feedback and a video recording of the session.

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Jury consulting

Professional jury consulting services that help to identify and weed out problematic jurors before they can cost you your case.

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5 Common Mistakes Lawyers Make
in Client Witness Preparation
(and how to avoid them):

Your focus:

putting together your case, preparing briefs and motions, creating your opening statement, locating experts, taking depositions, planning discovery, juggling a handful of witnesses, and attempting to predict what your opposing counsel will do.

My focus:

strategizing with your team, running focus groups, preparing witnesses, helping with jury selection, preparing your client for the trial, and more!

How much better would your case be with all the buttons buttoned and potholes filled?

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"Elizabeth helped our clients, a family, get ready for their depositions in a medical malpractice case ... It helped our case enormously, but more importantly, it literally changed the lives of our clients. At their depositions, they knocked it out of the park. Rather than being scared, the clients viewed the deposition as an opportunity to tell their story, and the work Elizabeth did with them carried through the rest of the case."

~ Syd

Don’t let one witness put your entire case in jeopardy.

Give me a call today and to discover new ways to improve your case.

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