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I help plaintiff lawyers
get into the minds of a jury,
so they can decide whether to:
File, Settle or Go To Trial

My mission is to help you reposition your case strategically, effectively, and economically – long before you set your trial dates. 

I accomplish my mission by using focus groups to provide feedback and answers to your difficult case challenges. With answers, you can feel confident, clarity and certainty about resolving your case, whether that’s by settlement or trial.

Together, we’ll employ my proprietary, rare, and exceptional practices that will set you apart from your competition. Collaborating with an outside perspective can assist with locating case weaknesses and blind spots that you naturally miss when you are close to the file.

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"I learn something new about my case every time I use a focus group with Elizabeth."

~ Laurie Koller, Tulsa OK

I partner with lawyers to relieve their stress and help make the three most important decisions in any case: file, settle or go to trial.

That’s why I offer these services exclusively for plaintiff lawyers:

Litigation consulting

Strategy and organizational planning that gives you more time to put your case together and prepare for court.

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Focus groups

Focus group sessions that help you know how your case is going – with unbiased feedback and a video recording of the session.

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Your focus:

getting the cases, running the office, filing petitions, writing discovery, fighting motions, locating experts, taking depositions, settlement negotiations, and attempting to predict what your opposing counsel will do.

My focus:

run focus groups to find blind spots and test your case liability & damages, organize with juror feedback the evidence around case themes, preparing witnesses,  and preparing you for trial!

How much better would your case be with all the buttons buttoned and potholes filled?

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"Elizabeth did an effective and efficient job on handling our focus groups. The diversified focus group members she assembled made the focus group clips we used at mediation very persuasive with the mediator and defense decision makers. Her insightful questions to the focus group build credibility for their responses and opinions. The focus group results and her debriefing with us have helped us focus our approach on liability and damages to the key issues in the cases."

~ Blake Erskine, Austin TX

Don’t let one fact put your entire case in jeopardy.

Schedule a free consultation call today and discover blind spots in your case.

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