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About Elizabeth Larrick

From an early age, Elizabeth knew she wanted to be a lawyer.

Lawyers, in her opinion, are the keys to making the judicial system work in favor of everyday people who need help.

Now, as an experienced litigation consultant, she works with lawyers to get justice for their clients.

"Elizabeth's virtual focus groups are a vital tool to developing factual and legal strategies. Every focus group I do with Elizabeth reminds me that I need to do more."

~ Hillary Carls, Carls Law

elizabeth larrick - Larrick Law Firm - austin texas

Elizabeth Larrick witnessed some of the negative aspects of the judicial system when she was very young.

She was in awe of the power and knowledge their lawyers possessed, and after graduating from the University of North Texas, Elizabeth obtained her J.D. from the University of Oklahoma College of Law.  Elizabeth knew she wanted to have a career that helped people navigate the judicial system.

After five years, Elizabeth founded the Larrick Law Firm PC in Austin, TX with a focus on personal injury law.

In 2016, she was invited to become the first fellow in a new fellowship program at the Keenan Law Firm in Atlanta, GA, working directly under the renowned child-injury trial lawyer Inner Circle member, Don Keenan.

Honored to accept the fellowship, Elizabeth continued running her firm while using the fellowship as an opportunity to gain experience and learn from high-level cases and lawyers.

In her time with the Keenan Law Firm, Elizabeth built her skills as a trial lawyer, learned case strategy, running effective focus groups and trial organization. More importantly Elizabeth was part of the trial team in a medical malpractice case in Louisville, Kentucky, a premises liability case in Seattle, Washington, and a wrongful death suit in Las Vegas, Nevada with Keenan Law Firm. She saw first-hand how to organize teams of 4-10 lawyers and staff to win a trial. Additionally during her fellowship, she worked alongside referring-attorneys to develop their cases at workshops for depositions, mediations, cross examination and trial.

Elizabeth Larrick continued to support Mr. Keenan by serving on the faculty at Keenan Trial Institute. She served as the Co-Dean for the Witness Preparation and Advanced Witness Preparation course for over five years, and taught other lawyers on witness preparation, focus groups and depositions.

After returning to her Austin practice full-time, Elizabeth worked to help personal injury clients through tough times, including the difficulties of the courtroom process. Her law practice always used focus groups to shape and mold the best case possible. Along the way Elizabeth developed a service to assist lawyers with witness preparation skills nationwide in Texas, California, Florida, Tennessee, California, Arkansas, Iowa, Wyoming, Montana, Oklahoma, Nevada, and Louisiana.

"Elizabeth’s assistance with the focus group was priceless. She set up a pre-planning phone call and took the time to learn about my case before the focus group. The focus group was diverse based on numerous different factors. It was obvious a lot of planning time went into it. During the focus group, she knew just when to interject something and when to sit back and listen. She got the focus group to narrow in on my concerns with the case. After the focus group, Elizabeth called me to debrief. She was able to identify the main issues and what I needed to work on in my case. Overall, it was an excellent opportunity and worth every penny."

~ Bijan Darvish

"I recently hired Elizabeth to prepare a client for a deposition. Elizabeth's efforts exceeded my expectations. I pride myself in getting a client to open up, but Elizabeth uncovered items that needed to be addressed that I would have never found. My client did great during the deposition. Elizabeth took a good case and made it great. I highly recommend her to prepare clients for depositions."

~ Danny Ellis

In 2020, Elizabeth turned her intention to fully assisting lawyers prepare their cases by offering focus groups and litigation consulting (including witness preparation for trial and deposition, jury selection, trial prep).  She started running virtual focus groups after the COVID19 pandemic shutdown in person interaction. Within months she developed a system to recruit and execute virtual focus groups seamlessly week after week.

Now, Elizabeth has over 1,000 focus groups under her belt and has seen the power of the feedback transform lawyers ability to take action in their cases.

Elizabeth uses her personal courtroom experience and the hours of focus groups to help lawyers with case strategy, case themes, evidence sequencing, mediation presentations, jury selection, opening statements, and many other aspects of case development.

"Elizabeth is incredible, talented, passionate beyond words. I don’t say that lightly for these are the absolute ingredients of her greatness. As many know, she was my first fellow, as such, there were high expectations and Elizabeth exceeded all of them and set the bar very high for all fellows that followed. I am jealous of Elizabeth for in front of her is a legendary career. "

Elizabeth Larrick's Leadership Experience

  • Served on Board of Advocates for Texas Trial Lawyers Association (2016-2018)
  • Women’s Caucus Chair for Texas Trial Lawyers Association (2020, 2021)
  • Board of Directors, Texas Trial Lawyers Association (2020-2023)
  • Executive Committee, Capital Area Trial Lawyers (2016-Present)
  • President, Capital Area Trial Lawyers Association (2022-2023)

When she’s not in the courtroom, Elizabeth is an avid runner. She’s found that she can tap into the same energy that keeps her moving on the trails to help her power through with her clients and get to the root of their cases.

That’s why she works directly with clients, witnesses, and other attorneys to prepare the witnesses to testify, fitting each person’s needs and concerns individually and allowing them to tell their story in their own words.

Being a trial lawyer that helps everyday people, is important. Elizabeth has prepared or been in trial every year, some years multiple trials.

Elizabeth maintains her connection with the Keenan Law Firm by teaching and speaking at the Keenan Trial Institute seminars throughout the year on the topics of Witness Preparation and Focus Groups.

Elizabeth also enjoys spending time with her husband and their two boxers, Guinness and Jake.

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