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Elizabeth does an excellent job of conducting focus groups from opening focus groups to adversarial ones. She really knows how to get the focus group members to provide you the needed information. I would not hesitate to use her again as it was money very well spent. If you ever need someone to assist in running a focus group, use her!!

Jim LyonsJonesboro, Arkansas

We were incredibly impressed by the work Elizabeth Larrick did in preparing our client. Preparing your client for deposition may be the single most important part of your representation. Depositions are scary and how well you prepare your client will have a huge impact on the outcome of your case. Elizabeth Larrick hit it out of the park in preparing our client. She has an uncanny ability to simplify a case and allowed our client to tell his story in his own words. Elizabeth is easy to be around and was able to put our client at ease. Simply put, our client owned his deposition. We cannot say enough good things about Elizabeth and ask that you contact us about our experience if you are considering hiring her.

Lucas J. FoustFoust Law Office | Bozeman, Montana

I have scheduled many focus groups through Elizabeth Larrick over the last few years and have found them to be invaluable to the cases I handle. Whether hiring Elizabeth to handle the focus group itself or just reserving a one hour or four hour session, each time I have gained insight into the strengths and weaknesses of my cases that I never would have learned otherwise. The information obtained through focus groups has changed the types of cases I accept, the strategies I employ in representing clients and the preparation I perform in every single case. I cannot recommend Elizabeth any higher and once you work with her, I’m sure you’ll feel the same way.

WillAustin, Texas

Elizabeth helped our clients, a family, get ready for their depositions in a medical malpractice case. By eradicating the guilt that naturally follows any tragedy, the clients were prepared not to take the blame and focus it on the doctors they had placed their trust in. Removing guilt is difficult, but Elizabeth knows how to do it; it helped our case enormously, but more importantly, it literally changed the lives of our clients. At their depositions, they knocked it out of the park. Rather than being scared, the clients viewed the deposition as an opportunity to tell their story, and the work Elizabeth did with them carried through the rest of the case. As lawyers, we spend a lot of time preparing so that we perform well. Until we hired Elizabeth, we didn’t appreciate the value of spending the time working with the clients so that they perform well, too. We spend large amounts of money on experts, but it can be a poor investment if our clients aren’t well-prepared. We will not hesitate to call on Elizabeth again.

SydMissoula MT

“In our planning call, Elizabeth helped craft the best way to effectively present to the focus group. Elizabeth's feedback during this initial call highlighted the importance of an independent view of the case. Elizabeth recruited participants who were very similar to our anticipated jury pool. Watching the focus group really helped me understand that my client's tough facts were an issue, but in a different way than I anticipated. This lesson then directed my strategy on pre-trial motions. Elizabeth offers generous feedback after the focus group.”

Hillary Carls

Successful Results:

  • 5 Focus Groups resulting in $18 million verdict Texas

  • Client Witness Preparation resulting in $23.5 million verdict Tennessee

  • Client Witness Preparation resulting in $5.3 million verdict Florida

  • 5 Focus Groups resulting in $1 million settlement Texas

  • 3 Virtual Focus Groups resulting in $40 million verdict Austin, Texas

  • 5 Virtual Focus Groups resulting in $5.7 million settlement in medical malpractice California

“Elizabeth did an effective and efficient job on handling our focus groups. The diversified focus group members she assembled made the focus group clips we used at mediation very persuasive with the mediator and defense decision makers. Her insightful questions to the focus group build credibility for their responses and opinions. The focus group results and her debriefing with us have helped us focus our approach on liability and damages to the key issues in the cases. The focus groups she has conducted for our firm have translated into significantly increased value on our cases. We appreciate how easy she made the focus group presentation process for us to show up and present without having any concern about the management of the focus group members or video recording. The quality of the video and audio recording is outstanding. She is the only person we would trust to do our focus groups.”

Blake Erskine

“Elizabeth is one of the smartest lawyers I know. I recently hired her to help me with some very intense and very sensitive witness preparation. She greatly exceeded my expectations and my client’s testimony definitely added significant value to the case. This was all due to her efforts. I was very impressed. She is truly at the top of her field and I look forward to using her many more times in the future. My clients felt the same way about her as well and she treated them with kindness, compassion, and patience. Getting Elizabeth involved was a definite win/win.”

Chip Evans

“Elizabeth has a great product. She is efficient and economical. Her focus groups allow you to obtain the relevant information that you desire at a price you can afford in virtually every case.”

Ryan SquiresAustin Texas

“We have all watched the Defense attempt to avoid accountability by blaming our clients. Why not empower them to set the record straight with the truth? That is what Elizabeth did for our clients and it made all the difference.”

JustinMissoula MT

“Our case involved a young client who suffered severe burns in a workplace incident. The client was extremely nervous and was stressed about providing the “right” answers for her deposition. Elizabeth was able to meet the client where she was and reassured her that her deposition testimony is her truth. Importantly, Elizabeth was able to review trial material and prepped the client on almost every single topic that was brought up at the deposition. In the end, our client was more than ready for her deposition, and she was extremely thankful to have Elizabeth as part of the team.”

NadineSan Antonio, Texas

“I recently hired Elizabeth to prepare a client for a deposition. Elizabeth's efforts exceeded my expectations. I pride myself in getting a client to open up, but Elizabeth uncovered items that needed to be addressed that I would have never found. My client did great during the deposition. Elizabeth took a good case and made it great. I highly recommend her to prepare clients for depositions.”

Danny Ellis

“Elizabeth transformed one of the most difficult clients from a jerk to an angel. Her witness preparation spanned 3 days, Elizabeth reviewed hundreds of pages of depositions, focus group film clips and more. Elizabeth knew before the first meeting with our client that Elizabeth had a long and difficult job. Thank you Elizabeth for your saintly patience with the client. To everyone's surprise the client did a great job on the stand, and was able to handle the cross examination perfectly. If you have a client that needs support and coaching to be their best, call Elizabeth early and get her on your team.”


“If you are looking for a law firm to handle your car wreck case I would definitely recommend using Larrick Law Firm. It was my first time having a car wreck and I really had no clue how to get everything settled. Elizabeth fought hard for my case when the insurance company was not willing to pay for anything. The firm was very easy to work with and super transparent throughout the entire process.”

Jaslyn G

“Elizabeth Larrick helped us through a difficult time when an auto accident totaled my car and injured my daughter and I. The responsible driver's insurance, Progressive, refused to pay our medical expenses, but Elizabeth stayed on their case until all of our bills were finally paid.
Ms. Larrick is a trustworthy lawyer and you should talk to her if you need assistance with a legal issue.”

Cliff Hargrove

“She helped me through the process as fast as she could (given insurance companies lag so much) and was ALWAYS responsive. Always respectful & courteous and gave her best advice with the case details she had in front of her. Thank you, Elizabeth!”

Tiffany Silva

“Elizabeth is a passionate trial lawyer that truly cares about her clients. She takes the time to listen to her clients and develops each case with an eye for detail. Having worked with Elizabeth on several matters, I saw first-hand her work ethic and tenacity for her personal injury clients.”

Button Law Firm


Corey Rose

“I was in an accident last summer that wasn't my fault, but somehow ended up costing me over $3,000 to replace my totaled car. And, as a single mom, that was a game-changing amount. A friend referred me to Elizabeth, who was SO helpful. She walked me through the entire process, explaining every confusing element of these sorts of cases to me (I'm woefully unknowledgeable about such things), and then offered to take my case on, it wouldn't cost me anything regardless of the outcome.

In the end, she ended up getting me WELL over the $3,000 I had lost, and held my hand (so to speak) the entire way. With the extra money, I was able to pay off some extra bills and have some cushioning in my savings account that hasn't been there since my divorce.

I'm so grateful for all her help and I highly recommend using her services. You wont' be disappointed!”

Sarah Stone

“Elizabeth and her team really cares and listens to her clients. I am currently seeing her and was surprised when she asks how I’m feeling. My old Lawfirm never did that. If you’re looking for a Lawfirm that listens to your needs and strives for you to become and feel better then this is the place to go. I would definitely recommend LLF to everyone I know!”

Lauren Baker

“She truly cares about her clients. When you need a question answered or to just talk, she is available. I highly recommend her, if you need a Lawyer. You will not be disappointed. She will walk you thru the process and explain to you your best options.”

James Gransberry

“Elizabeth’s focus groups are a must for litigators. What differentiates Elizabeth is the hours she has devoted to this skill to understand the ‘why’. She will keep digging and pulling threads with individual members to draw out what they’re really thinking, but may be afraid to say. These groups and her feedback have provided a much needed outside view of cases to focus on what matters.”

Amber Russell

“I spoke with Elizabeth today about a CRAZY situation. She was more knowledgeable and helpful than pretty much any of the other attorneys I spoke with. 10/10 would recommend!”

Sarah Hamon

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