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Join us as we speak with John Prudhomme from CPM Injury Lawyers about a gripping case involving a fuel tanker rear-ending a dump truck on I-35. Despite undeniable footage and an outright admission from the tanker driver, the defense stood firm with no settlement offers. Find out how a virtual focus group became a game-changer in predicting jury perceptions and why the trial venue added layers of complexity to an already dramatic case.

John also shares insights from a case involving a veteran client whose trial took an unexpected turn. We discuss how the jury’s interest veered from medical details to family dynamics, revealing the nuanced way personal stories can sway verdicts. With veterans on the jury panel and collateral source issues lurking in the background, emphasizing the family impact became crucial. Tune in to hear how highway speed regulations and surveillance footage reshaped the narrative and influenced the jury’s decisions.

We also get into the nitty-gritty of trial strategies and financial considerations. From life care plans to the client’s lifestyle choices, find out how these elements played a crucial role in the jury’s perception. John emphasizes the unpredictable nature of trials, the importance of expert testimonies, and the critical role of pre-trial preparations. This episode is a goldmine of insights for any trial lawyer seeking to refine their skills and connect more effectively with juries

In this episode, you will hear:

  • Case study: fuel tanker rear-ending a dump truck on I-35.
  • Utilizing virtual focus groups to understand jury perceptions and defense strategies
  • Adjusting trial tactics based on real-time feedback
  • Challenges of dealing with surveillance evidence and unexpected jury reactions
  • The critical role of life care plans and financial implications in influencing jury decisions
  • Importance of pre-trial preparations and adapting to unpredictable trial elements

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