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Can you really trust your instincts when it comes to trial preparation? In this episode, we uncover the hidden pitfalls of overestimating evidence clarity and the transformative power of focus groups. Drawing from extensive experience with over a thousand focus groups, we reveal why lawyer assumptions often miss the mark and how understanding the jury’s perspective can be a game-changer in the courtroom.

Learn practical examples of cases where the evidence seemed crystal clear but proved to be surprisingly ambiguous. We’ll also discuss the importance of not relying solely on recent jury verdicts or seasoned instincts and explore how focus groups can offer invaluable insights into how jurors interpret evidence. Don’t miss this essential guide for trial lawyers aiming to refine their courtroom strategy and build stronger connections with juries.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • Why you shouldn’t base your assumptions solely on experience or recent jury verdicts
  • Video evidence revealing driver’s responsibility
  • Challenges with video evidence in court
  • Avoiding communication mistakes in legal strategy

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