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Have you ever experienced getting disconnected from your client, where after several attempts to email and call them, poof! – they’re just gone? They can’t be reached or maybe they’re there, but they just completely ghosted you out.

Failure to communicate is the number one bar complaint against lawyers. Hence, we need to do a better job of meeting people where they are, especially since things aren’t exactly the way they were before the pandemic. 

Today, we talk about how you can do a better job at staying connected with your clients. This is much a function of communication. Email is great, but it misses a personal touch aside from the fact that it can get quickly misinterpreted. Plus, you could be getting a ton of emails that it’s so easy for emails to get lost or disregarded. Phone calls are great as well. However, scheduling those things can take so much energy and time. Sure, you can offload that to your staff but that’s not a good use of their time either. 

And so, I’m sharing with you an alternative to communication, which is something you may already be using today but maybe you haven’t thought about using this for clients as well. At the end of the day, it’s all about building that connection when it’s time for them to share their stories.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • Great uses of a voice message
  • The power of videos
  • Decreasing your client’s fear through a personal connection with your voice
  • How to do a better job at sending voice messages
  • Sending forms and documents
  • Text message gets a higher open rate than email does

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Supporting Resources:

Larrick Law Firm

Here is a quick article that walks you through how to send voice messages using iOS or Android phones.

Here are some apps you can use on your cell phone or table to send a voice message via text: Speak-n-Send

I also mentioned using Loom to record short videos (less than 5 minutes) and create an instant link to share. 

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