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If you’ve conducted any kind of focus group or have been in a courtroom, you’ve probably noticed how some people are really easily swayed. And it can be frustrating to be in a focus group where it’s time to have a discussion. They’ve seen all this information, you want to get their feedback. Then everyone just tries to parrot what the person before them was talking about when you really want to get all of their individual thoughts. 

In this episode, I’m sharing the benefits of using the chat feature inside the virtual focus group as well as three super helpful ways to use this powerful tool. Whether you use Zoom or Teams or the Google Meet platform to conduct virtual focus groups, each of those has a chat feature you can use to maximize the discussion. If you haven’t been using it or you have just been using it a little bit, I am encouraging you to make that a part of your focus group planning and your presentation. 

In this episode, you will hear:

  • Gathering individual responses
  • Being able to follow up and ask for explanations
  • Using Zoom polls
  • How the chat feature saves you time
  • Processing the data after the meeting
  • Sample questions you can put in the chat
  • When to use the chat feature

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