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In our previous episodes, we’ve been sharing some how-to’s when it comes to doing focus groups. But it’s also important to take a pause and think about why we are doing focus groups, to begin with.

There are various reasons we might be holding ourselves back from doing focus groups. Maybe, there’s some confusion around why we have to do it. At times, too, we could already be too deep in case preparation that we get lost and no longer see what’s coming behind us. It’s so easy to lose those points of view, and that includes the jury’s point of view. When that happens, we start discounting the weaknesses of the case and the points the opposing counsel is trying to make. 

Hopefully, this episode will help give you a new perspective around focus groups by recognizing not just the exterior barriers to doing focus groups which we have discussed previously (cost, lack of skills, lack of time, etc.), but also some internal barriers that we need to think about.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • Figuring out the facts that fuel the weaknesses of the case
  • Testing the emotional buttons that people are deciding the case on
  • Finding the big picture
  • The importance of writing out first impressions