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Jury selection: either trial lawyers hate it – or love it. Although many trial lawyers are afraid of it, jury selection never gets old. You will be getting different stories, different personalities, and different answers each time. But it takes a lot of practice to get better at it. The skills required for it are learned, practiced, and honed for hours and hours.

Today’s guest, Laurie Koller, a practicing lawyer for 31 years now, shares her experiences doing jury selection and the things she loves about it the most. 

Laurie talks about the importance of running focus groups in jury selection as well as the benefits of hiring a voice coach. She also talks about the book that she co-wrote with Rena Cook, called Her Voice in Law, which teaches vocal technique, especially for women in the courtroom.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • What it was like going through the pandemic in Oklahoma
  • Her experience working with David Ball
  • The benefits of getting a voice coach
  • The importance of having awareness of time
  • Tips for running focus groups in jury selection
  • What you can do to get better at jury selection

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Supporting Resources:

Laurie Koller

[email protected] 


Her Voice in Law by Laurie Koller and Rena Cook 


Rena Cook 


Lexlee Overton 


Theater for Trial by David Ball and Joshua Karton

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