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Focus groups before mediation? As trial lawyers, we all want clarity and certainty in any given case and focus groups can help provide those even as you’re preparing for mediation. 

Whether you settle, which is great, or you don’t, you’re still going to have this great information from running a focus group. It’s going to help boost the case value as well as your confidence in your case and how you’ve put it all together.

If you really want to wait until after mediation to run focus groups, that’s fine. But just know that if you’re preparing for trial, you can’t just run with whatever theory you have. You have to test out different theories in order to make a strong case. With a focus group prior to mediation, you have the advantage of testing out theories, giving you a leg up.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • The benefits of doing a focus group before mediation
  • Examples of scenarios people run focus groups before mediation
  • The need for a neutral moderator
  • The exchange value of running a focus group 

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