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Today, we talk about deposition pressure, specifically, this real-life example of the “Elon Musk vs. Twitter” lawsuit.

Just to give you a little backstory, Elon Musk was supposed to buy Twitter, and then he decided to back out in July which prompted Twitter to file a lawsuit. On October 6, Elon Musk was scheduled to face a deposition, and then all of a sudden, a letter comes across from Elon Musk’s lawyer over to the other side, saying that he will follow through. He will do everything in the agreement, as long as they can stop the lawsuit.

This is a perfect example of how deposition pressure can make people stop and just want to end things quickly because they don’t want to face it.  

It’s always a risky proposition to walk into a deposition, and that pressure can cause anybody to crumble – even a billionaire like Elon Musk. Therefore, preparation is key, no matter who you are. 

In this episode, you will hear:

  • How Elon’s letter disarmed Twitter
  • Why Elon decided to stop the deposition
  • The pressure that could come in a deposition
  • Why rules and their enforcement are helpful for everybody
  • Why preparing for deposition is very important

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Supporting Resources:

Here is a link to a short but brilliant analysis of Elon Musk deposition pressures:

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