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In this episode, John Griffith who has a personal injury practice joins us from Tennessee. John talks to us about the five trials he has had since the pandemic started. Find out why he thinks trial lawyers have now become better than they were pre-pandemic and some of the notable differences he had seen in trials. 

John specifically touches on some of the work he did during the shutdown in March of 2020, and how he used his time to improve not only his practice but also the other lawyers who were practicing with him as well. Not to mention, he was juggling being president of the Tennessee Trial Lawyers Association from 2020 to 2021. 

In this episode, you will hear:

  • Procedural changes being judge-preference driven
  • How the safety protocols look like post-pandemic
  • The power of visuals in your trials
  • The 13 books John requires his lawyers to read
  • The challenge to keep the jury engaged
  • The impact of focus groups on John’s practice
  • How COVID has redirected people’s focus on the value of relationships

Here is the list of 13 books John mentioned in the episode:

  1. 30 B 6 – Mark Kosieradski
  2. Voir Dire and Opening – by Nicholas Rowley
  3. Damages – David Ball
  4. Reptile  – Keenan/Ball
  5. Rules of the Road – Rick Friedman
  6. Polarizing the Case – Rick Friedman
  7. The Fearless Cross Examiner – Patrick Malone
  8. Don’t Eat The Bruises – Keith Mitnik
  9. Premises Liability – Michael Neff
  10. Moe Levine on Advocacy 
  11. Luvera on Advocacy
  12. The Domino Theory – Ed Capozzi
  13. The Way of the Trial Lawyer – Rick Friedman