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Unearth the inside scoop of the courtroom as I sit down with the formidable Georgia trial lawyer Andrew Gould.  As successful trial lawyers, we delve into ways we’ve learned to connect with juries and clients, enhancing our courtroom prowess, and even share a tale or two about a memorable expert witness.

Ever wondered how resilience and repetition breed success in the legal world? Andrew and I share our candid insights on learning from failures, powered by invaluable lessons from trials and tribulations. Diving into the craftsmanship of narrative-building and handling high-stakes opposition, we explore the essence of trial preparation and the indomitable power of practice. We also tease out the nuances of narrative and adversarial focus groups, their pros and cons, and how they shape the path to victory in the courtroom.

In the final stretch of our conversation, we dissect the role of focus groups in the trial preparation process. From practicality and expenses to the invaluable knowledge they provide, discover how these groups can be a game-changer in the legal landscape. We discuss the benefits of collaboration, the importance of silence and listening, and the significance of adapting to the feedback from these groups. Strap in as we weave through the intricate maze of trials, focus groups, and the relentless journey of personal growth as a trial lawyer.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • The importance of connecting with juries and clients to improve courtroom abilities.
  • Trial preparation and practice in shaping lawyers, viewing failure as a stepping stone to success.
  • Differentiating between narrative and adversarial focus groups, understanding their pros, cons, and application in jury selection and trial preparation.
  • Emphasizing the significance of collaboration and repetition in conducting focus groups.
  • Highlighting the importance of listening and using silence to an attorney’s advantage.
  • Analyzing the feasibility and costs of conducting focus groups and the role of narrative and adversarial focus groups in providing vital data for jury selection.
  • Memorable anecdotes from trials and discussing the importance of preparation, especially in adversarial focus groups.

Connect with Andrew Gould

[email protected]

Princenthal, May & Wilson

750 Hammond Drive Building 12, Suite 200
Sandy Springs, GA 30328
(678) 534-3749

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