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After ten years of focus groups, I take a look back at what focus groups taught me about communication. This episode passes on a few of the major teaching points and likely reinforces things you already knew to be true. Riding on the wave of our experiences, we delve into the importance of understanding the unsaid and the challenges in extrapolating data from a focus group to an entire case.

Imagine if you could simplify legal jargon into a persuasive story that hooks your focus group. That’s exactly what we’re going to demystify in this episode. Learn how to tell your client’s story in a compelling manner that cuts through the noise of legalese and reaches the hearts of your audience. We also underline the importance of tuning into what isn’t being said. Plus, we share our tips on how to champion your clients’ cause using the power of persuasive language. To wrap it all up, we’ll be discussing the significance of closely listening to the unsaid in focus groups. This is a not-to-be-missed episode for anyone looking to elevate their legal practice!

In this episode, you will hear:

  • How to improve communication through focus groups
  • Ways for effective communication and simplifying legal terminology
  • Paying close attention to what is not said in focus groups 
  • How to use persuasive language to advocate for our clients

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