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Have you ever been told, in the midst of loss or grief, to ‘stay busy’ or ‘give it time’? This episode explores how such childhood messages shape our perceptions of grief and loss. We’ll be unpacking these often confusing and unhelpful strategies, shining a revealing light on how they can negatively impact our adult responses to grief. Then, we’ll be discussing ways to reframe these ingrained messages and come up with supportive strategies that promote healthier processing of grief.

Next, we’ll venture into some invisible backpacks of unprocessed emotions, a weight we unknowingly carry from childhood. We’ll uncover how these emotional burdens can manifest as short-term energy-relieving behaviors. Maybe you’ve noticed yourself overeating, drinking more, or shopping excessively. 

As professionals in the legal field, we’ll dig deep into how our clients’ behaviors can be connected to these emotions and how we can help them navigate their grief. This episode is a heartfelt journey for anyone, lawyer or not, seeking a better understanding of grief and its complex layers.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • Ways we’ve been told incorrectly during childhood to deal with grief
  • Why time doesn’t heal grief; and what does?
  • Invisible backpacks of childhood emotions
  • Short-term energy-relieving behaviors and how lawyers can help clients process them

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