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Trials can be really messy. Changes happen often and frequently every day and it can be different things, whether it be the judge, the jury, or the opposing counsel. Preparation is long. It takes many hours working on witnesses, experts, order of proof, not to mention openings, closings, and jury selection. And that doesn’t even go to tackling the paperwork that you have to do as well – the motions, the jury instructions, the witness lists, the exhibit lists. 

All these things are a huge part of preparing for trial. And when we do all this, at times, we forget about this one really big piece of trial – an overall game plan for the day-to-day logistics. Talk about parking, lunch, meeting room, printer, even down to getting a bottle of water. This is an important piece because, without these really small things, a huge amount of stress can happen. 

In today’s episode, let’s take a look at some trial preparation from a logistics perspective and things you can do to avoid stress. Although this doesn’t take a lot of thought, coming up with a game plan to cover the basics is always helpful.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • Things to expect before trial
  • The importance of logistics
  • Things to think about from a logistics perspective
  • Preparing for different scenarios
  • Where to take lunch, checking the courtroom, construction, security, etc. 

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