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Have you ever experienced having a client who emotionally fell apart in a deposition or trial? You’ve already had a preparation plan, walked them through it, and organized everything, then all of a sudden, the plan goes out of the window. And when they’re testifying to things that you’ve never heard before, it’s certainly not a good feeling.

At times, there are clients that are challenging to prepare and there are different reasons for this. In today’s episode, how to spot some red flags before clients get into the deposition or go into trial to give testimony and how to deal with those.

As a lawyer, you need to figure out ways to do this better. Many times, we can spot some of these red flags, even before we’re going to sit down and do deposition prep or trial prep. These are things such as when clients show a lack of interest in the case or they’re providing inconsistent stories. Maybe their effort has waned over time, or they just don’t follow directions, or they’re simply refusing to answer any questions. And even sometimes, too, there are people who just refuse to even show up for preparation.

Therefore, you need to dig a little deeper to understand and reveal some of the reasons these people are having these kinds of behavior. As lawyers, we want to make sure we have clients that are going to not only put effort into the case but also effort into themselves.

In this episode, you will hear:

Moving from Plan A to Plan B  Step 1: Educating Step 2: Testing Step 3: Deciding The importance of spotting red flags early on Getting somebody else to roleplay with your client Subscribe and Review

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