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Getting a client into the right headspace is key before you can jump into questions they will encounter in the deposition or trial. In this episode, let’s learn about why it’s essential to get your clients in the right headspace and the ways you can do that.

This episode is part of a series where I’ll be walking you through the preparation of a client for testimony, either for a deposition or trial, which are two very different places where clients give testimony.

The first phase of client testimony preparation is resetting the client’s mindset so they can overcome the fear, which could cripple them during deposition or trial. 

At trial, a lot of people either freeze or just start talking and never stop. They think they need to just dump everything in their brain on the table. A lot of times, they’ll concede the defense question. And some people even lie in the deposition earlier on because they just want to stop the pain and get out of the deposition as quickly as possible. 

Therefore, you need to tackle that big fear monster first before you can even look at the questions and organize their truth.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • Reasons people are afraid of deposition or trial
  • Fear as a huge defense tactic
  • Ways to address the client’s fears
  • Phase 1: Resetting the client’s mindset
  • Phase 2: Organizing their truth

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Practical Intelligence: The Art and Science of Common Sense by Dr. Karl Albrecht 

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