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Have you ever witnessed the courtroom magic that a well-prepared lawyer can weave? Imagine the edge a legal team could have by understanding a jury’s mind before even stepping into the courtroom. That’s exactly what Florida attorney Brooke Grogan and I peel back the layers of in our insightful conversation. Brooke brings to the table her experiences with focus groups, revealing how these mock juries can drastically alter the trajectory of a trial. From honing opening statements to fine-tuning courtroom tactics, this episode is a masterclass for any trial lawyer eager to absorb the tactical know-how of leveraging focus groups for legal victories. 

Picture this: a tool so powerful it could swing a $3 million verdict in your favor. That’s the story Brooke recounts as we delve into how early focus group feedback reshaped her case strategy. We also tackle the virtual evolution of focus groups, discussing the conveniences and complexities of platforms like Zoom. Whether you’re a seasoned attorney or just legally curious, our exchange is packed with practical insights that underscore the transformative effects of blending technology with trial preparation. Join us to unearth the art of legal strategy through the lens of focus groups – a truly eye-opening dialogue for the courtroom tactician in all of us.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • Brooke’s first focus group experience
  • Focus group evaluation
  • Importance of focus groups in evaluation
  • Value of focus groups and input
  • Adjustments and progress in focus groups 

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