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Every legal case reads like a distinct narrative, and within these stories are the lives of real people bearing their truths. Enter Amanda, a plaintiff’s attorney with a history as a paralegal, who brings that very understanding to the forefront of her practice. 

Our conversation with her peels back the layers of the intricate relationship between attorney and client, exploring how deep trust is cultivated, especially when guiding clients through the stormy seas of recalling traumatic experiences. Amanda’s transition into the legal field amid a pandemic, and her innovative use of Zoom to bridge the client-communication gap, offers a glimpse into the evolving landscape where technology meets empathy. 

The courtroom is more than a battleground of wits; it’s a space where human emotions are laid bare. As we unpack the emotional breadth of deposition preparation, Amanda walks us through the careful balance lawyers must strike – acting as legal counsel while providing emotional support. Her candid recounting of a young sexual assault survivor’s case shines a light on the profound influence an attorney’s belief in their client’s story can have. 

In this episode, you will hear:

  • Learning the ropes of plaintiffs’ depositions
  • Building confidence and validating client experiences
  • The emotional toll of legal work
  • Building trust in client depositions
  • Connecting with clients and juries

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