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Neil Anthony, a trial lawyer from Florida, joins us for an excellent interview on his recent verdict. He shares about how he built a meaningful connection with his client even through telephone and Zoom meetings and how he was able to connect with the jury using stories that resonated with them. Neil also shares his experience in terms of the changes in the trial due to the COVID situation. 


Neil practices personal injury law in Southeast Florida, mostly in Palm Beach County. Neil handles a ton of auto cases, premises cases, slip and fall cases, trip and fall cases, as well as a lot of sexual abuse cases, which he considers like a premises liability case. He has also done a few negligent security cases, dram shop verdicts, and a wide variety of personal injury cases.

Today, Neil walks us through the basic facts of his client’s case and how he prepared her for deposition and trial, including a small piece in the deposition that actually helped him win the case. 


As a trial lawyer, it’s 100% your job to teach the client the medical records because the defense lawyer is going to read those records in detail. They’re going to be ready to try to get and capitalize on a client forgetting something. Even if they know that the client simply forgot, they will still unfairly cast them as someone who doesn’t tell the truth. And you can’t do this work effectively without knowing and teaching the client prior medicals.


Get some powerful takeaways from this conversation including how to answer questions without holding back, crafting the right questions, and how to use stories that resonate with the jury.


In this episode, you will hear:

  • The basic facts of Lisa’s case
  • When Neil figured out it was a case that went to trial
  • Neil’s approach to deposition prep
  • The small piece in the deposition prep that helped him win the case
  • How to answer questions without holding back
  • Creating a meaningful connection with a client even through telephone or Zoom
  • How he used stories that resonated with the jury
  • How Neil did his voir dire during jury selection 
  • Asking for an amount that’s credible
  • Changes for this trial based on COVID
  • How to craft the right questions
  • The jury verdict of  Lisa’s case

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