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Mock juries are simulated jury trials to assist lawyers in testing out their cases before going to a real jury trial. Mock juries are used in civil litigation cases and criminal cases.

In a mock jury format, the room is set up like a courtroom, complete with a witness stand, counsel tables for each side, and jury box.  Actors or volunteers will play the role of judge, lawyers, and/or witnesses.

The presentation is similar to an actual trial. Each side will deliver an opening statement, live witnesses give testimony or play video testimony, document exhibits are presented, each side delivers a closing argument and then the mock jury deliberates.

The mock jurors will be given jury instructions and jury questions to answer.

The deliberation session is live-streamed into a separate room for viewing.

Typically, after the jurors answer the questions a brief discussion session is held with a moderator to learn more about individual juror’s thoughts.

The entire mock jury presentation and juror deliberations are audio and video-recorded.