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Once you’ve worked through mindset and organized things, the last piece of the puzzle in preparing for client deposition and trial preparation is role-playing.

As trial lawyers, we can do a better job at getting better results for the client. Most people haven’t experienced being in a deposition or trial before. And so, role-playing will give them a realistic experience before they step into the room or turn on that zoom to be asked questions under the spotlight. It helps remove first-time nerves, testing what is going to happen and what the reaction is going to be. 

Role-playing is definitely an important aspect that may dictate the trajectory of your case. In this episode, I’m laying out the keys to effective role-playing so that both you and the client can get the most out of it. Learn how to compact roleplay into a digestible, easy exercise for everyone involved as well as some tips or tricks to supercharge it.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • Another person to play as the opposing counsel
  • Using roleplay to tackle the difficult and challenging questions
  • Sticking with the exercise
  • Roleplaying with different lawyers on different days
  • Doing multiple rounds and checking in with the client in-between the rounds
  • Ways to supercharge the roleplay

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