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Not sure about the case value of a case? Finding case values can be really difficult. Sometimes, cases are difficult to assess. Maybe you’re just not sure how to evaluate this case.

There are three sources lawyers generally tap into when it comes to evaluating cases. First, they could use their own experiences, which can be great, but at times, it can be limited. Maybe because they haven’t practiced very long, or maybe because the facts are unique or the case itself is unique.

Second, lawyers can tap into other people’s experiences either by asking other lawyers who have handled a similar case. They may also use a Listserv where they can ask other lawyers in the same profession or organizations. Third, lawyers could look into jury verdicts in their location or jurisdiction. 

In this episode, I’m going to share another way of finding case values, which is by running focus groups, and learn how you can use focus groups to get the most reliable data possible.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • Understanding there are different categories of ways to run focus groups
  • Using focus groups to find case value vs. quantitative studies
  • Some cautions to think about when running the focus group
  • Striving to learn more but also questioning the reliability of the data
  • Different factors that determine the success of a focus group
  • The challenge to stay neutral as a presenter to gather reliable data

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