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Every witness gets asked about what documents they used to prepare. As lawyers, we have to be on the front end of things before meeting the client. This week, we are going to continue our two-part series on how to decide what documents to use in deposition prep. 

Whether it’s personal injury, an employment issue, or a business dispute, cases involve dealing with a ton of documents. Depending on the type of case, think about tens and thousands of medical records, employment files, or email communications. 

As a lawyer, all this can get super overwhelming. Therefore, having a good organization of these documents is definitely a must. The sooner you can start organizing cases, the better. You’re able to better prepare yourself for events such as hearings, depositions, and mediation. 

In this episode, you will hear:

  • Two sets of documents you need to prepare
  • Creating a list of “must” documents
  • The importance of preparing visuals
  • Documents in the case that are already discoverable
  • Asking how a document can help or hurt 
  • Looking at the 30,000-foot view of helping them

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