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The trial represents the end date, the final gauntlet. The case is coming to a close and, hopefully, everything will end well. However, it’s also a huge step for your client. In this episode, we discuss how to prepare your client for trial. 

As a trial lawyer, you want to help your clients prepare for their testimony where they’ll get up on the stand and speak to the jury. You want to prepare them for cross-examination and make sure they understand the heart of a trial: sitting while they are waiting to testify (or after testifying) and listening to the things said about them and to the presentation of evidence by the opposing counsel. 

Remember, the number one target of the opposing counsel is your client. You have to prepare your client for that. 

In this episode, you will hear:

  • Getting the client ready for their role in the deposition
  • Grasping the physical and mental aspects of trial
  • How to prepare for direct examination
  • Things to think about before trial prep and as you get closer to trial

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