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Having before and after witnesses is very useful to help tell your client’s story. These witnesses can talk about damages in a way that your client just can’t. Jurors can heavily criticize a client’s testimony and label them a “whiner” or “complainer.” A well-prepared witness is able to talk about the changes in your client’s life in an authentic way.

As trial lawyers, it’s important that we’re able to build a level of trust and comfort with our clients and witnesses. But building that relationship just doesn’t happen overnight. 

In today’s conversation, Courtney Wilson takes a deep dive into the three-step process for building trust with your before and after witnesses. Courtney currently practices personal injury law and medical malpractice law in Mississippi.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • Finding two to three people talking about the client’s experience
  • How to build trust with your before and after witnesses
  • The importance of explaining why testimony is needed for the case
  • Assignments for your witnesses to get more information
  • Why stories are more compelling than an expert talking about the injury
  • Managing the fears and concerns of before and after witnesses

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