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Have you ever stepped into a focus group with the battle-ready mindset of a courtroom lawyer, only to realize it’s like bringing a sword to a tea party? Joins us to untangle the art of moderation, guiding attorneys through the key mindset shifts that can transform focus group feedback into pure gold for trial prep. 

Understand the nuanced dance between asking questions and listening intently – emphasizing the power of neutrality and curiosity to coax out the raw, genuine insights that are so crucial to understanding how a jury might think. From a checklist that strips away legal jargon and biases, to the delicate skill of presenting cases in everyday language, this episode is a masterclass in the subtleties of legal research. 

Whether you’re seasoned in the world of focus groups or stepping into this space for the first time, this conversation is a vital tool for any attorney looking to connect more deeply with clients and juries. Tune in and learn how to steer clear of confrontational instincts that can muddy the waters of valuable feedback, and how to lay the groundwork for focus groups that truly inform and enhance your trial strategies.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • The need for lawyers to shift mindset to a neutral focus group moderator
  • Techniques for bias-free legal focus group research
  • Mock juries vs. focus groups in trial prep
  • Using neutral language and open-ended questions for authentic feedback
  • A detailed checklist for attorneys to organize and guide focus groups
  • The value of focus groups in enhancing cases by understanding jury perspectives

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