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What if you could hang out with trial lawyers and jury consultants, ask them about connecting with clients and juries more effectively, and then take strategies, tactics, and insights to increase your success? 

That’s what we do here each week on Trial Lawyer Prep. This is a podcast for trial lawyers with a focus on difficult cases, problematic clients, and taking those difficult and problematic cases to trial. Every episode is an in-depth look at how to regain touch with the everyday world, understand the emotional burden of your clients and juries, and use focus groups in this process. 

Our goal is to help you connect with juries and clients so you can improve your abilities in the courtroom. This podcast is going to be about preparing cases step-by-step while always keeping an eye on the jury trial. 

We will be giving you the tools, strategies, tips, and techniques in preparing cases to help you get in the trenches while also bringing the fun back to the practice of law and, more importantly, to help you sleep better at night. 

In this episode, you will hear:

  • About the podcast
  • About the podcast host – my journey through the practice of law

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