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The client deposition has a significant amount of weight when it comes to deciding case value. However, one of the most common problems trials lawyers have is dealing with clients who resist preparing for deposition. 

These are clients who actively avoid giving time for preparation. Whether it’s because of their work schedule, family commitments, or they’re just too busy to dedicate more than 30 minutes with you. They just don’t seem to have any time other than the day of the deposition. 

There are also clients who subconsciously resist. They either show up with the kids for deposition prep, or they tell you they’ve had an emergency so they have to leave early. These are little subconscious things telling you that they’re not going to give you their full attention. But why? 

In this episode, we delve into why clients resist deposition preparation and how to tackle this resistance. This is a big deal because failing to prepare for deposition can potentially hurt or damage the case. Therefore, this is the way to the end. This is the necessary step we have to take right now because if we don’t take that step, the case value significantly plummets. 

In this episode, you will hear:

  • Why clients resist and why this is damaging to the case
  • Asking for time commitment
  • Some examples of disasters that happened due to client’s resistance
  • Resolving resistance in a call
  • Educating clients why they have to put effort in a case

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