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Unlock the secret of success in the courtroom: thorough client preparation. This episode is a wake-up call for all attorneys who underestimate the importance of client deposition or role at mediation. We unravel why investing your time in understanding the client’s mindset can turn the tables in your favor and cement trust. The true value of a lawyer isn’t just represented by the number of cases they successfully close, but also by their ability to prioritize client experiences.

We also devolve into how attorneys can efficiently prepare their clients for depositions and mediations. It’s a harsh reality that due to insufficient guidance from their lawyers, clients often resort to platforms like YouTube for answers. We put a full stop to this common occurrence, stressing the necessity of having at least two preparatory meetings. By taking control of their cases and ensuring a smooth client experience, we, as lawyers, can significantly bolster their reputation and increase their case value. Stride into this episode as we unveil the keys to successful client preparation and testimony.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • The importance of client preparation and perception
  • How lawyers can better prepare clients for cases
  • How to avoid YouTube searches from clients and ensure client satisfaction

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