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Have you ever wondered how the best trial lawyers prepare for court? Join me as I sit down with Justin Starin of McKenna & Starin, to pull back the curtain on the strategic deployment of focus groups in personal injury law. Together, we venture beyond the traditional mock trial format, navigating the nuances of targeted sessions that dissect specific issues like causation and case framing. Justin’s expertise shines as we dissect how focus groups can not only unveil potential juror biases but also refine witness preparation and bolster plaintiff credibility—essential tools for any legal arsenal. 

We also delve into the art of simplifying complex legal arguments for the lay jury. From revising opening statements to rendering technical evidence understandable, we expose the trials of countering preconceived notions and managing inflated expectations set by the likes of CSI. For legal professionals aiming to cut through legal jargon and connect with a jury, this episode is an invaluable masterclass in strategic case management.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • Using focus groups for causation
  • Responsibility of testing security systems
  • Challenges in investigating a death case
  • Expert testimony for defense against blame 
  • Focus groups in legal cases benefits (90 seconds)

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