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What do you get from focus groups? Maybe you haven’t had a chance to use focus groups yet yourself. Or maybe you have run a mock trial on a case, but maybe haven’t looked at other ways to use focus groups. In this episode, we dive into some other ways you can use focus groups and why. I’m also sharing a couple of tips on ways to “double-dip” and how you can take and use all the data for an extra squeeze of information.


One of the most common things you get from using focus groups is to learn the result of the case – who wins and who loses? But it’s not just results-oriented because you can learn so much more. There’s witness credibility, evaluating the evidence, looking at case theory, looking at the knowledge base, testing out the defense theory, and just honing your skills as a trial lawyer. You can get a lot more than just trying to have this one target of determining the case value. 


Now, if you don’t have a lot of experience doing focus groups, moderating, looking at it, analyzing the data, I just want to caution you that there are so many other great ways to use it. Whether you spend six hours, three hours, an hour, or even just 30 minutes, the amount of time you want to spend depends on the depth with which you are willing to go into the material and the depth of the feedback.


In this episode, you will hear:

  • Mock trial vs. qualitative study
  • Evaluating the evidence
  • Testing your case theory and the credibility of people
  • Using focus groups to file or not file
  • Testing the knowledge base
  • The double-dipping phase: how you can make the most of the data you get

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