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Focus groups are a wonderful way to connect people with jurors and to help them get comfortable with talking to strangers. Sometimes, as trial lawyers, we fumble around with moderating, whether a person just won’t keep talking or you’re having a hard time hitting all questions within managed time.

Focus group moderating is probably one of the most challenging places for most people because we know what we want to present. We can put all that together. But then sometimes, asking questions and facilitating the discussion can be a little bit challenging.

Today’s episode is a quick Focus Group Moderating 101. This is actually a replay of our Facebook Live and LinkedIn video. I’m discussing some things we should be thinking about when moderating focus groups and how we plan for success when it comes to moderating. Otherwise, it can be so easy to get sucked in and pulled down the rabbit trail and get lost – and sometimes, we can have a hard time coming back. 

In this episode, you will hear:

  • What “moderating” means
  • Getting feedback the quickest way possible
  • Obstacles to being a good moderator 
  • How to start the group off on the best foot possible
  • Using helpful backstops
  • Planning for follow-up discussion
  • Commenting on responses
  • The importance of writing out questions
  • Asking who agrees and who disagrees

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