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One of the common challenges lawyers have when it comes to running focus groups is where to find the participants. And if they do find them, how do they get them to respond to what they’re putting out there. 

Therefore, part of the success of focus groups lies in the recruiting process. You want to have an ample amount of people to choose from. You want participants that mirror the jurors, and not necessarily perfectly mirror your community. 

Right off the cuff, I use Facebook and Craigslist to advertise for focus group participants. But where exactly do you post the ad? And what would be the most efficient way to do that? In this episode, we’re going to talk about how you can set up a system for recruiting focus group participants so you can start getting more people to apply. 

In this episode, you will hear:

  • How much to pay people for focus groups and how to pay them
  • Choosing the best day and time for running focus groups
  • How to make the process easy for people to apply
  • Posting Craigslist ads and setting up a Facebook business page
  • Creating a masterlist for the participants

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Have a question about recruiting and advertising for focus groups? Email me! [email protected]   

You can revisit Episode 20 for more information on setting up your own focus groups: 

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