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In this episode, I’m sharing an interview with my good friend Jim Lyons in which we talk about his recent post-COVID trial and the things that he did to connect his client to the jury. We talked about several different ways to do that.

For the past 20 years, Jim’s practice has been in the litigation arena, concentrating on personal injury cases. He also does business litigation and just about any other type of litigation of significant size. 

As lawyers, one of the biggest things we forget is that, while our clients hire us, we really should be thanking them for opening up. Therefore, it’s essential to gain their trust so they also gain confidence in us. 


When people hire a lawyer, they’re most likely going through a life-changing event, especially in a significant injury or death case. These types of events are extremely tough on them. You have to trust them to be able to tell their stories and tell them well. 


Jim highlights the importance of understanding how people express love in a relationship, especially in wrongful death cases where we’re talking to juries. You have to trust that your clients are going to get there and be themselves. Even if the way they get to be themselves isn’t perfect, as long as people are being authentic, jurors will respect them. 


In this episode, you will hear:

  • An overview of Jim’s case
  • How to facilitate a relationship with your clients
  • Changes and challenges in the courtroom after the pandemic
  • How Jim prepared his client (a deceased husband’s wife) for trial
  • How to do witness prep
  • What Jim brought out of his client’s testimony and used for his closing
  • The results of the case and what Jim could have done differently

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