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When we’re preparing a client for testimony, whether for deposition or trial, there are basic concepts you need to keep in mind. As trial lawyers, we could be so engulfed in a lot of things that sometimes, we need to step back and look at things from a ground-level perspective. 

In this episode, I’m going to discuss these three basic concepts: teaching, communication, and timing. We’re going to touch on the power of visuals, the things that go into preparing for deposition, and how one-on-one meetings can help clients understand what they’re asking. We want to make sure that we nail down some of these concepts before we get into content.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • Teaching: Use of visual aids, writing vs. reading
  • The value in creating a timeline 
  • Understanding people’s learning styles:  auditory, visual, or combined
  • Using legal and medical terms
  • Keeping clients from information overload or TMI
  • Communication: Primacy and recency
  • Timing: When to start and repetition

Supporting Resources:

If you have questions or a particularly challenging client preparation, email Elizabeth directly for assistance: [email protected].

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