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Sometimes, we live with our cases for years, before we can find any kind of resolution either through settlement or trial. Now, this creates a tunnel vision where we can put these blinders on. There are blind spots everywhere that we just can’t see. And it gets worse when we block out any other theory or possibility. When we do this, we take on a whole new risk because we are holding the case back. 

A focus group is a laboratory. It’s to gather research. Sometimes, you’re going to hear good things, but you’re also digging in to hear the bad things about your case. Focus groups are going to give you fresh eyes in terms of approaching your case and getting you to a whole new emotional movement in your case. 

In this episode, I’m going to talk about some reasons lawyers would hold back a case and why you should start considering focus groups to help get you to the next level in solving problems. Ultimately, you have two options here – either stay in the blind spot or be open to learning and eliminate a huge risk of getting a zero on the case.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • How people make decisions based on emotions
  • What shapes the filter system of jurors
  • Finding the problems you can see and you can’t see
  • Creating multiple ways to solve the problem

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