Do I need a personal injury attorney?

If you have been injured due to another person’s negligence or fault, you should at least speak with a lawyer before you attempt to talk to an insurance company about your claim. The insurance company has highly trained adjustors that are highly skilled in getting you to make statements which provide information that saves the insurance company money and which help them to deny, delay, and defend your claim. If you have a serious injury, then you should definitely retain the services of an experienced personal injury lawyer to protect your interests.  The sooner that we are involved in your case to protect the evidence and protect the truth, the more likely it is that you case will be resolved more promptly.


What does it cost to hire a personal injury attorney?

In personal injury cases, it never costs you anything unless and until we settle or win your case. The fees that we charge are contingency fees, meaning that they are a percentage of the amount that we recover on your personal injury claim. We get paid only when you get paid. Also at Larrick Law Firm, in auto accident cases, there is no fee for handling your property damage claim when we represent you on your personal injury claim.


How long does it take to settle a case?

There is no clear answer. Larrick Law Firm promises to handle all the matters associated with your cases promptly and efficiently, while still providing the skill and attention your case deserves.  Each case is unique and different factors can change the length of time, factors like the extent of your injuries, the need for future medical treatment, the insurance company involved and even the particular insurance adjuster assigned.  Unfortunately, many defendants and insurance companies drag their feet and delay the conclusion of the case. Please understand that with the contingency fee, the Larrick Law Firm does not get paid until you do. Thus, there is clear incentive on behalf of our law firm to push your case for an early conclusion.

Unfortunately, there is a backlog in the courts, often expert witnesses have conflicting schedules, various aspects of the law may change, and there could be many developments which will delay or speed up the conclusion of the case.

What to expect at your first meeting?

Whether you are meeting at our offices or we meet with you wherever you are located – the first meeting we like to get to know our clients and their case. We also want our clients to get to know us. We want you to be comfortable with us. We understand that it is a privilege to work for you and, if you hire us that we are working for you. We know that you likely have never been through this process before and that you may have concerns about your rights or even be confused about what will happen. We want you to know that you should only hire a lawyer if you are completely comfortable with him or her. Therefore, we will spend the time with you during the first meeting so that you can make sure that you are doing the right thing.

We encourage clients to bring information, if available, with them to the first meeting:

Medical Records: doctor bills, admission sheets, prescriptions

Police Report

Vehicle/Bicycle information

Witness information

The sooner that we are involved in your case to protect the evidence and protect the truth, the more likely it is that you case will be resolved more promptly.

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