In 2018, Austin saw thousands and thousands of dockless scooters descend upon city corners, sidewalks and streets.  According to a Austin Transportation Department survey from April 5 to December 31, 2018, showed over 3 million rides on the dockless scooters. 

The dockless scooters brought a new challenge to drivers and pedestrians because the scooters are so small they are ridden on streets and sidewalks.  The dockless scooters are deceptively quick making the detection of the scooters is difficult. Countless injuries have occurred to the folks on the scooters.

The City of Austin has provided changing regulations for the dockless scooters. For example, first there were allowed to operate on trails and greenbelts, and then banned from trails and now a small portion of trails can have the dockless scooters.

You should expect to see more changing regulations on the dockless scooters.

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